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The Growth Spot | Guest Stephanie Leger

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

On this episode we welcome Stephanie Leger to the Spot! Stephanie is the Chief Excellence Officer at First Rate Hospitality and has a decorated career as a trainer in the hospitality industry. Stephanie shares her expertise working as a mystery shopper for luxury brands such as Ritz Carlton and Forbes. She also explains how she lived the dream of all hoteliers by traveling the world for work. The woman didn't even have an apartment for over a year! Enjoy the show!

About The Growth Spot

Are you tired of "fortune cookie" career advice? Such as "have a positive attitude and good things will happen." Building a successful career takes more than positivity. It takes hard work, dedication, but most importantly, strategy. The Growth Spot is hosted by Calvin Tilokee, a certified career coach by the International Hospitality Institute and one of the Top 50 Hospitality Influencers in the US. Each episode Calvin will share stories with industry leaders to show you what actually goes into making it to the top! Click Subscribe and let's grow together!


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