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First Rate Hospitaity Guest Service Training
First Rate Hospitaity Guest Service Training
Service Quality Evaluations- Also known as “mystery shopping.” Evaluations are through an incognito guest interacting in all areas a typical guest would experience. Customized measurement providing feedback in service engagement, ambiance, and quality of amenities. Professional online report of results to show areas of opportunities and service excellence. Competitive incognito evaluations services are available.
Hospitality Excellence Training- In the hospitality industry guest expectations are always evolving with satisfying the old rich vs. the new rich, leisure vs. business and technology easily accessible. Associates need to provide a first-rate service to create a loyal guest. Companies that invest in training see a higher return in guest satisfaction and associate retention. A variety of training lessons in service excellence available in a classroom setting or virtual. 
Brand Standard Audit- With expertise in every hospitality department, the brand standard audit provides a detailed analysis showing compliance with company standards. The audit standards measured include industry guidelines to review your place in the market, improve your brand identity, areas to focus, and revenue opportunities. Internal audits may be planned announced or unexpected.
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