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The Hospitality Mentor | Guest Stephanie Leger

In this episode, Steve is joined by Stephanie Leger. Stephanie is the Chief Excellence Officer at First Rate Hospitality where she leads various hospitality projects such as pre-opening planning, company transitions, evaluating properties incognito, training associates to drive guest engagement, and more. Throughout this conversation, Stephanie talks about her various roles within the Ritz-Carlton early in her career, what it was like evaluating properties as a Forbes travel guide, what led her to starting First Rate Hospitality, and so much more!

About The Hospitality Mentor

Join me, Steve Turk, on the Hospitality Mentor podcast as we dive into the personal stories of some of the world’s best Hospitality Professionals. We follow the journey of their ups, downs and wild turns and find out what it truly takes to make it in the amazing world of hospitality.


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